I created a website to support my chronically ill mum

Jimmi Sandham has created a million-dollar idea promotes a unique music experience for a good cause

24-year-old Jimmi Sandham has created a website called Million Dollar Music Box to earn one million dollars to help improve the life of his mother.

Jimmi’s mother, who asked to be unnamed, has suffered with severe Myalgic Encephalopathy. It is a chronic fatigue syndrome which makes every day a struggle. Jimmi and his brother, Shaine, have been caring for her for over six years.

The Cardiff University student created Million Dollar Music Box (called MDMB for short) to promote music in a unique way. It will “give listeners a fresh and simple approach to finding new artists and tracks.”

mdmb2Jimmi also hopes the website will  raise awareness of his mother’s condition, ME, which is currently under-researched. He wants it to encourage further understanding of the condition so it can be researched further.

His aim is for the profits of the website to be used for a permanent carer for her, to ensure she can afford regular appointments with specialist doctors, to enable her to better follow the healthy diet advised by her doctor, and to also give her the chance to undergo other costly treatments she cannot currently consider.


MDMB will hopefully gather a large social media following for people who love all genres of music. Artists will be invited to buy promotion space on the homepage of the website, which will be filled with images that link to the artists’ music.

The promotion website will keep the artist online for a minimum of ten years, offering long-term value to artists and promoters, and will also market their music on their growing social media platforms.

The website is available to passionate artists of any genre, and with any level of success. The final product will a wide range of music from all around the world.

The idea stems from that of Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage, which successfully earned one million dollars in 2005, but Jimmi will take a new, unique approach with MDMB because it focuses on music, which everybody loves.


It is also a spin on the million-dollar idea due to the growing prevalence of social media, which is what MDMB will ultimately rely on, and, because of this, it is likely to grow rapidly.

Ultimately, Jimmi’s website, www.milliondollarmusicbox.com, whilst seeking to promote and introduce growing artists, will also support his mother.

You can follow Million Dollar Music Box on Facebook and on Twitter to support the cause by helping grow its audience.