BNOC of the year 2016: Heat four

Here we go again

It’s your favourite thing to read. Let’s have some more BNOCs.

Bryn Knight


Bryn Knight has been nominated for to be the BNOC of 2016 because he is definitely a big name in Senghetto. He can be found in the morning eating an absurdly large portion of spag bowl (from the batch he made to last him the whole week) with a fresh smoothie of frosty jacks cider and some actual fruit.

Bryn has been chucked out the SU 3 times and is now banned after trying to kiss 2 guys’ girlfriends and finally punching his football team’s Social Sec in the Lash, which means he’s also been thrown out of the football team. He has lost his two front tooth playing dodgeball after face planting the floor.

Most recently Bryn is nominated for a BNOC because he is the fresher who swam in the flood under Senghenydd bridge, and was later hospitalised and missed an exam because of it.

Lydia Baxter


One of the Tab Cardiff’s own, Lydia has been nominated because her controversial stories have made her a name everyone talks about. Her ironic story about cheating has become well known amongst students everywhere.

To her friends, though, Lydia is a kind and hilarious character, and has absolutely nailed the grace face. She’s a very nocturnal creature, and is easily recognised by all the library’s night shift security guards.

Lydia is never one to turn down Revs or Flux, and you will see her there most weeks dancing the night away. Her love for Revs’ flavoured vodka shots means she will always be one to have a good night with.

Tim Baker


Tim Baker rightfully deserves the nomination for BNOC 2016 after saving six teenagers from the Taf River which ran through Bute Park.

The 20-year-old Taly South Fresher is also part of Cardiff University’s rugby society and can always be found at the Lash with a VK. When he’s not being a hero, he is a classic rugby lad. What isn’t there to love?

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Is there a Big Name on Campus you would like the nominate? Send an email to [email protected] and include your nominee’s full name, a paragraph about them, and some pictures. We still have a few heats before the final!