The Queen will visit Cardiff University to open new research centre

Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) will be opened by her Majesty on 7th June

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be touring Cardiff University’s £44m center, which is designed to help scientists learn more about various brain conditions such as dementia and schizophrenia, alongside studying the functioning of a healthy brain.

They will view the neuroimaging equipment scientists will be working with, and will also have the opportunity to view Europe’s most powerful brain scanner, the Siemens 3 Tesla Connecton MRI system.

Queenie comes to uni

Queenie comes to uni

The only other model exists at Harvard University and it is one of the most powerful brain scanners in the world. Researchers will be able to study tissue microstructure in acute detail.

The Royals will be viewing brain imaging methods, and lastly they will be invited to watch pupils from a local school participate in a series of activities educating them about the sheer power of the brain.

Both staff and students look forward to opening CUBRIC with the potential to discover new research, and contribute towards neurological and psychiatric treatment.