Who will be crowned Cardiff’s BNOC of 2016?

Get your nominations in!

It’s that time of year again where we reflect over the Big Names on Campus who’ve made an impact on the students of Cardiff Uni.

Whether they may be presidents of societies, hosts of wild parties that can only be shut down by Security or the Police, the social justice warriors of Facebook, those annoying club reps you’ve probably unfriended since Freshers, the guy/girl half of the campus has matched with on Tinder or simply someone you can guarantee seeing on a night out. Whoever they may be, we want you to nominate them.

Sure, they may act embarrassed or be angry at you but will secretly harbour gratitude and may even induct you into their inner sanctum of BNOC-hood.


Kings of the dab

Symptoms of a BNOC:

  1. Disgusting levels of popularity – As the acronym suggests, they have to be someone everyone knows and be obscenely sociable. Whether they are pub crawling at Kokos, waiting in a mile long queue at Lidl, panickingly writing essays at 3am at ASSL or grease-binging at Chippy Lane at 3am – everyone around them knows who they are. Or has at least Facebook stalked them. Anonymity is not a concept BNOC’s are familiar with.
  2. They’re that guy or girl – Their name is constantly associated with certain functions or purposes within the University community. For example “you know the X guy? The guy who is always at Y with X! X Guy!”. They’re also somehow part of almost every society imaginable and have such a packed timetable yet are still somehow heading for a First.
  3. Ineffable Ubiquity – Neither you nor anyone you know has ever actually met this person directly (or even knew what this term meant until you googled it for the definition), nor do you know what their purpose or function within the University actually is, but you all know their name anyway.

Any of these the next BNOC?


If you instantly thought of a name whilst reading this list, then tell us about them.

Send us a short paragraph and a picture to nominate your Big Name on Campus and the winner shall be crowned by the end of term.

You can contact us by emailing [email protected], by commenting below, or through Facebook or Twitter.