Varsity 2016: Feast your eyes on the rugby boys

They’re committed, determined and ready to impress

So once again, the booziest, greatest uni day of the year is upon us. It’s Varsity. It’s the day that brings Cardiff together to fuel the hate fire for our Swansea rivals. Although all the sports are great, we all know that the pinnacle of the day is the rugby that comes last, but most certainly not least.

We caught up with the chairman and the captain of the squad before tomorrow’s big showdown.

The Squad

The squad

Tom Boot, Chairman

“It’s been a great year both on and off the pitch. We’ve had a massive intake of freshers who are chasing their third trophy of the year in their Varsity game on Wednesday.

“With 180 members we’re one of the biggest clubs at the uni. The 2nd team has won the league, and the 1st XV have got to the semi final of the BUCS trophy and are chasing a second Varsity victory in row.

“Aside from the game, we have raised over £1000 for Movember and £1500 for The Brain Tumour Charity with the netball girls.”

The team raised over £1000 for Movember

Varsity 2015

The team at Varsity 2015

Ben Madgwick, Captain

“We’ve been hit hard by a lot of nasty injuries this year. That said, we’ve got an extremely strong tight-knit unit consisting of Cardiff University’s strongest players running out on Wednesday.

“The pressure is on.  We are representing not only ourselves and coaches, but the University too.

“Thousands of people have come to watch us perform and we won’t let them down. Of course there’s the added pressure and added emotion, but it’s all part of our excitement and I’m confident the boys will deliver.

“As my last Varsity, I can understand the aspirations it gives those in years 1 and 2 to strive towards this and I hope we can leave our lasting mark on future players.”

But the fun doesn’t stop on the pitch. Once the game is over, they’ll let go and head to The Lash to boogie in the famous rugby corner. There’s a popular misconception (mainly by bouncers) that the rugby boys are a liability and a bit out of control. But you’ll most likely find them bopping away with a couple of pints, with the occasional VK straw-pedo…

Third Year Rugby Boys

What a good looking bunch

So I hope you’ll be rooting for them on the sidelines in the Liberty Stadium. If you’re not a fan of the game yourself, go and enjoy watching them roll around in the mud. There are plenty that are pleasing to the eye (which of course bodes well for The Lash later on if your dancing is on form from the all-day-drinking).

But remember when you’re watching the boys in the stadium, they didn’t just turn up there for a good game. They’ve centred their whole uni year around getting prepped for this day. They’re committed, determined and ready to impress.