Every reason why having a job whilst at uni sucks

What have we done to deserve such cruelty?

Most of you have loans, grants and bursaries jumping in and out of their bank account more than trampolinists. But, for the few of us who have to suffer the pain of part time work on top of our degrees, uni life isn’t all fun and games. Here’s why:

Missing your post-lecture nap for your evening shift

Every university student loves a recovery sleep after those long two hours of the world’s most boring lecturer, but no, us troopers have a job to crawl to. You’ve now forgotten what your bed looks like.


Miss you x

The dreaded walk to work after uni

Jealously walking past everyone on Hoffi Coffi traffic lights who have just finished university, whilst you’re dragging yourself to start fake-smiling at customers who know nothing of your pain.


Walking back to Taly? I hate you

The even worse journey to the night shift

Just when you’ve gotten over having to work on a popular night out, you then have to make your way through all the party animals strutting down Column Road on their way to Revs.


Swapping your high heels for black daps and bootcut trousers

Your manager does the ultimate dirty and puts you in to work on your favourite night out. You know that showering and dolling up in the staff toilets isn’t going to work. Who needs a night out anyway?


I can’t even remember what wearing heels feels like

Missing pre-drinks and playing catch up

When you do get an early-ish finish and the opportunity to let your hair down after a shift, you have to play catch up with your drunken friends who have been downing Jägerbombs for the past four hours.


This is all for me

The hangover shift

You promised yourself you’d only have one vodka and coke and an early night, but your flatmate doesn’t care that you’ve got work in 10 hours so she buys you a shot stick from Revs. It would be rude to say no, so you venture to work with last night’s make up on and breath stinking of the vomit you’ve been getting up all night.


Uh ohhh

Actually having to put washing in the machine

All your other flat mates manage to get by on washing their clothes once every month at a push, but us hard workers have to wash our sweaty polo tops and nylon trousers before every single shift.


Always washing

Noisy flat mates

It’s the night before your longest shift, you’re snug as a bug in bed, just dropping off to the land of nod when suddenly your flat mate decides to have all of Cardiff uni round for a flat party. You venture to work the next morning on the 3 hours sleep you managed to salvage, calling your roomie every name under the sun for the rest of your day.


Please be quiet

Mixing deadlines and employment

Coursework season is fast approaching and exams are among us. Whilst everyone else has no care in the world and crams in revision last minute, us soldiers have to put work in months in advance just to get enough time in.


I don’t have the time to read all this

The best day of the month

Finally, after all the tiredness, nylon trousers and missed nights out, it’s all worth it because you’ve got your hard-earned wages. You live like a king for a few days, treating yourself to new clothes, Smirnoff vodka and Dominos. Then 4 days after, you’re back to begging your parents for money and crying on the way to work. Hats off for all the hard workers!