LIVE: A huge blaze is currently being tackled by fifty firefighters on City Road

The blaze started around 6pm this evening

A huge blaze has been tearing its way through a shop on City Road for nearly two hours. 

Over fifty firefighters from around the Cardiff area are currently trying to tackle the fire, which began at the Machine Mart building, a discount furniture store, on the popular City Road this evening.


The blaze is currently still active on City Road

Fifteen emergency calls were reported to the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service. There are reports that the roof of the building has collapsed and the fire is spreading.


The scene before the flames spread

The Machine Mart building is situated next to a Greene King pub which is also currently closed.


There are reports that the roof has collapsed


Eyewitnesses Rebecca and James saw the smoke when they were waiting for their bus

Rebecca, studying Earth Science and Environment Studies, said: “We were just walking up to the bus stop and it was all cornered off.”

Second year Jack, who studies Earth and Environmental Studies at Cardiff, added: “We noticed there was smoke coming rom the building and we were worried what it was, so we came down to have a look then we saw the furniture shop was on fire.”

There are currently no reports that anyone has been hurt.

Updates to follow.