Taly North are the best halls for pre-drinks

South have nothing on us

Welcome to Talybont North: broken toasters, cold water, silver fish, damp walls galore and the best location for pre-drinks. If you feel sorry for me living here, you obviously haven’t been to one of our parties.

Telling people you live in Taly North immediately causes a sharp intake of breath, a face of sympathy, or a patronising pat on the arm, but people come from all over Cathays to join our cheap and cheerful binge fests. Hide out in the library all day, return to the Talybont ghetto in the evening to start some drinking drama in the best halls watering hole.


Party party party

In Taly North, we take pre-drinking very seriously. Living here suggests we are pretty strapped for cash – and we are. We can’t afford to splash out on overpriced drinks in town, so pre- drinks is our institutional mission to get as drunk as possibles. Drinking games are thoroughly planned to ensure everyone has consumed at least a bottle of vodka before we leave halls. Losers can take a shot, or six, and winners receive the fantastic prize of having to down a dirty pint in eight seconds.If pre-drinks begins around 9pm, by midnight we are barely able to stand, falling into the taxis already booked for Taly South students.

Mess? We don’t need to worry about mess as it looked in a worse condition when we moved in. You can tell from the untouched vomit lurking behind the fridge that the freshers before us had a good time, so we must continue the tradition. Our halls looked as if they were still undergoing maintenance upon our September arrival, so we need not worry about the condition of the kitchen after a good party. Some drunken doodles on the wall may even bring some life to the place.


Party ppl

Pre drinks at Taly North are the most fun because we all know each other. Like a slightly incestral village, you cannot even walk to the laundry room without bumping into someone from your house or the houses next door. This just means there is always an overwhelming turn out at pre drinks, and if numbers are dwindling, you can easily pop into a few of the surrounding flats and convince them to join the party because Taly Northerners are always up for a good time.

We come together and drink to blot out the woes of our tragic accommodation. Games, music, alcohol, dancing, fights- it all starts at Taly North. And when our vision is hazy and we start to think “our halls aren’t actually that bad”, we know we are wasted and ready to pursue the night. And when we return, Tesco and McDonalds are ready and waiting with our therapy food.