Some exam results have still not been announced

If I see ‘NYA’ one more time…

English lit, Bioscience, English language, Journalism, Engineering, Philosophy and Social science students normally expect to get their results by midday but received them hours afterwards, with some not yet receiving results at all.

Many have been complaining over today’s exam results being delayed until 6pm. Lucie, third year English language said: “I’m really annoyed because we’re nearly into week four of our final semester and I’ve still no idea how I did in my January exams which gives me nothing to work from. Everyone else I know from other subjects have had theirs which makes it even worse.”


A spokesperson for the School of English, Communication and Philosophy said: “Via email on 1st February, third year students in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy were informed by school management that ‘all marks are scheduled to be released on SIMS by 6pm on Friday 12th February 2016’, noting that work submitted after the submission deadline may not be available after this date.”

A spokesperson for the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies said: “Great efforts are made to ensure that all students receive their assessments within the four week turnaround time. If for any reason this is not possible, students will be informed immediately. We are not aware of any issues at this time. Any issues pertaining to delayed assessment results should be communicated through the proper channels.”

Second year English Literature students have also been complaining today about how their mid-term assessment questions failed to include questions for one module, Contemporary Women’s Writing.

They find it unfair that other modules will have more time to write their mid-term assessments, and it has not yet been confirmed if they will be given an extension.

It has been confirmed by email that the issue will be looked into and students will be contacted on Monday 15th February with more information.