Our night working behind the Family Fish Bar counter

They sell more than 100 sausages a night

Everyone loves Family Fish Bar’s battered sausages after a night out. But The Tab decided to make a rare sober trip and help these guys out serving everyone their favourite drunk food after a Wednesday night in The Lash.

Popular amongst locals and students, owners Abdul and Tahir told us: “Every night is busy, but especially Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. We pride ourselves on having a good time in here, giving great customer service and building relationships with the customers.”

Us with the big boss

Us with the big boss

11pm Only the regulars are about so early in the night


These guys come in 4 times a week

Joe and Xavier (middle and right) are both first years who claim to spend between £25-£30 a week in Family Fish Bar. While we were there, they came in 3 times in the space of a hour.

While things were slow we noticed that Abdul and Tahir wear some fresh crepes on the job – check out their swaggy trainers next time you are in.

12pm The Lash is in full swing and there’s no-one to be seen

InnitWe learnt that the two most popular dishes were a solo battered sausage and chips with curry sauce. Abdul estimates they sell over 100 battered sausages a night.

We also discovered that all the potatoes are peeled and freshly made each day, tattie dons.

1am A lot of societies start strolling in, they’ve crashed and burned after starting drinking at 7pm.

Queuing for chips

Queuing for chips

Nathan and Jess, History first years told us “The chips are banging.”  It was Jess’ first time in FFB and probably wont be the last.


2am The whole squad turns up at FFB



Throughout the night Alys kept saying: “I really want a battered sausage but I’m vegetarian.”

Hand it over gurl

Hand it over gurl

3am People started dozing off while waiting for their food

He'd fallen asleep on the phone

He’d fallen asleep on the phone

When we asked what the funniest thing was that had happened, Abdul told us a man brought his girlfriend back and proposed after meeting her three years prior after a night out in FFB. He also told us a girl bought a whole jar of pickled onions from them once. Gross.

'This is the best spring roll over'

‘This is the best spring roll over’

Family Fish Bar attracts the rogue and most regular of customers. From hockey players, to girls being carried in for a battered sausage, to people genuinely falling asleep on the serving counter – it was far from boring.

4am The night is far from over. The drips and drabs of Cardiff were still trailing in, on the hunt for the perfect sausage.

Big up family fish

We left knackered but definitely not empty handed. The staff are known for being the friendliest in Cathays and they definitely lived up to this title. They really do care about each and every person that enters Family Fish Bar whether it is for a drunken munch or just a chin wag. Plus their pineapple fritters are the dream.

But the best thing about the whole night was that we got to keep the hats.