Cardiff’s fittest finalist: Medi Jones

Apparently she makes the best chocolate muffins in Wales

Our second fittest finalist is Medi, a second year chemistry student.

Medi is an avid baker and all round lover of life. Born and breed in Anglesey, this Welsh lass loves a night out in Clwb lfor Bach, Brooklyn Zoo in is her jam. On game day you’ll find her in Walkabout clutching a passoa and lemonade, donning a daffodil hat and singing hymns and arias proudly. When she’s not partying the night away, she’s at home baking the best chocolate muffins in Wales. Medi is proud of the fact that her first language is Welsh and university is the first time she has ever been educated in English.

Voting for Cardiff’s Fittest Finalist will open later this week. If you’d like to nominate someone email [email protected] or message The Tab Cardiff Facebook page.