Cardiff is the third best capital city in EUROPE

We’re better than London

A European Union survey has revealed that Cardiff is the third best capital city to live in.

The Welsh capital has climbed the ranks from sixth place, to joint third alongside Stockholm and Copenhagen.



It narrowly missed out on the top two places, with Oslo, the capital of Norway taking first place, and Belfast taking second. “The Quality of Life in European Cities Survey” takes place every two years, gathering residents opinions on capital cities within EU member states. The survey ranks each city on levels of satisfaction and quality of life, focusing on different aspects such as employment opportunities, house prices, education, air quality, cleanliness, safety and public transport.

Councillor Phil Bale, leader of Cardiff City Council said: “It’s wonderful to see Cardiff rising up the ranks rated side by side with European cities. Our Council’s vision is to make Cardiff Europe’s Most Liveable Capital City, so this is really pleasing and something we can all be proud of.”