A mirrored maze full of middle-aged mums: Why is Tiger Tiger still open?

No one’s been there since Freshers’ Week

When we decide where we’re going on a night out, Tiger Tiger doesn’t even cross our minds. It’s just not an option. Despite being on the busiest street of the biggest clubs in Cardiff, no one ever seems to want to go. We’ve all only been there that one time during Freshers’ Week and vowed never to go back.

But why?


Only Met students actually like Tiger

Why do us students shudder at the thought of a night out there? It can’t be the annoying promoters who chase after you with paper wristbands offering you discounted entry and cheap shots putting you off, because Live Lounge and Pryzm promoters rely on drunk students just as much on Greyfriars Street and both of these clubs are always full to the brim.

It also plays the same chart music as Glam and the SU, yet people seem to flock to these clubs in their masses without giving Tiger Tiger a second thought. The answer is that Tiger Tiger simply has nothing to offer us as students. They haven’t even hosted a decent event or guest DJ since, well, ever. At least the SU gives us cheap drinks and the occasional visit from Hannah Wants.

They are even trying to use memes on social media in a desperate attempt to attract us to their club.

no please don't be like Bill

No please don’t be like Bill

No one is going to be like Bill because no one goes to Tiger Tiger for happy hour. Or any other hour for that matter.

The only real students who dare to step foot inside every Wednesday for the city’s worst student night out that is Shotgun Rules are from Cardiff Met. Although we shouldn’t be too harsh. I mean, it’s not their fault they don’t have the mental capacity to recognise a good night out from a terrible one. Maybe its a blessing in disguise.


Hi dad!

Tiger Tiger needs to stop pretending they are some kind of classy super club and accept that they will never be a club for students, but a club for middle-aged mums and dads. Frankly, it’s tough to understand how on earth Cardiff’s Tiger Tiger is still open given that Croydon’s has just been shut down because of a “lack of footfall”, despite being the city’s biggest and busiest club. Hopefully the same will happen to Tiger, and we will never have to step into the mirrored maze ever again.