Snapchat saga: Cardiff-uni story deleted

So long, farewell

The notorious “Cardiff-uni” Snapchat story has been removed.

The 24-hour paradise period of banter, nudes, embarrassing mug shots and more banter is over. The removal of the several minutes long story will mean that viewers will have to get their masturbation material from sources other than the Cardiff-uni Snapchat story.

Yesterday the account had over 500 followers, it is likely that number was well over 1,000 before the story was deleted.


No more nudes for you

Contributors were sending in their videos and pictures to the account from late yesterday afternoon to the early hours of this morning, alerting friends of the account with detailed insights into Shangri-La, pre-lashes, YOLO, people’s houses and individual’s (which are most likely students’) boobs and penis size.

Cardiff University released a statement earlier today denying any affiliation with the Snapchat account. A spokesperson said that the university had reported the account and requested for it’s closer immediately.

It is still unknown who the creator of the account is.