The uni WiFi is down because it’s been hacked by unknown sources

Don’t they know it’s deadline week?

The university WiFi is down due to an unknown source hacking our internet provider. 

The WiFi, which is supplied round many UK universities by the academic computer network, Janet, is persistently being hacked.

The network is currently under a denial-of-service attack (DDoS), which attempts to knock out any internet service across campus.

Many UK universities are experiencing the same problem

A DDoS attack floods the network with large amounts of traffic and makes the system run slower before eventually being unable to use.

The network first started having problems at 9am.

Janet network is run by the public body Joint Information Systems Committee, Jisc.

This morning, they tweeted: “We suspect that those behind today’s DDOS attack are adjusting their point of attack based on our twitter updates.”

Ellen, third year, Human Geography said: “I have my dissertation lit review and analysis due tomorrow and Eduroam has just gone down.

“I’m stressed enough already but my stress levels have gone through the roof. I’ve just had to leave the library.”