Living in Student Village is infinitely better than halls

Talybont we know you’re jel

Remember applying for accommodation? You were probably desperate to get one of the Talybonts, and Student Village didn’t even cross your mind.

We didn’t really want to be here either at first, and I was even considering taking a gap year and reapplying next year when I found out that’s where I would be living for first year.

Student village has a lot of other people who went through adjustment or clearing and also had essentially no choice whatsoever as to where they lived for their first year. But it turns out we actually got the better end of the stick.


Aside from the fact that it’s nearly a thousand pounds cheaper than most halls in Cardiff, our bedrooms are bigger, and our kitchens alone are the size of an entire flat in Taly, we can literally see the SU from our bedroom windows.

We’re that close, and Lidl is practically our next door neighbour.

We now pity the poor souls who have a half hour walk from Talybont to uni every morning, and don’t even start on the bus from University halls. The thought of having more than a two minute walk to get to a lecture now horrifies us. How on earth do you make your 9ams?

Look at all that space

We know our way around Cathays like our hometown now, so finding a house for next year is a piece of cake and we are certain to beat the rest of you to getting the best houses.

Forget having a group chat with your flat. We have one with three whole streets, so there’s always someone ordering Domino’s that you can steal, and always someone to go out with.

Our pre drinks > yours

Not being able to afford it isn’t an excuse either when Glam is a ten minute stroll down the road and we haven’t got a taxi since freshers.

Family christmas dinner

Here in our lovely little houses with our own, albeit outrageously overgrown, back gardens, the thought of the bland concrete blocks and boarding school-esque corridors of halls now makes us shudder.

It’s just so much more homely here. We even have our own pet fish.

Meet Penelope and Carlos.

So aside from the ever growing population of scary seagulls which seem to be taking over Cathays, the constant stank of weed and enough rubbish on the streets you’d think the bin men mistook us for a landfill site, being in Student Village does have its advantages.

We might be the ghetto of Cardiff, but whatever you say, we know you’re a bit jel.