Bachelor of the week: Josh Kellett

His dad has done the FA cup draw

Born and raised in the leafy London suburbs, 19-year-old Josh Kellett likes to think he’s the typical cockney geeza.

Currently undertaking a Politics degree, one might think that he’s regularly up for a fierce political debate, but his nibbling personality means that he’s more likely to argue with you over what side of the bed to sleep on than the current political climate.

The second year prides himself on being social sec for the Cardiff University football team.  When he’s not tearing up the Lash downing six VKs in one go, you’ll find him warming the bench for the 5th team, maybe even filling their water bottles if he’s having a good day.

Coming in at a more than average 6ft 2″, Josh is pretty sizeable, some say in all aspects, with his seemingly decent fashion sense often topped off with a pair of dark-rimmed glasses.  Perfect for any girl that goes a little weak at the knees for the studious kinda look.

Football lads

The brown haired bachelor needn’t worry with pick up lines.  Word on the street is that his charm, charisma, confidence and questionable choice of fancy dress is enough to sweep a girl off her feet (and straight back to his).

Sexy smurf

Being the son of a man who so famously did the FA Cup draw live alongside Chappers, the second year has been known to dabble in and out of a celebrity lifestyle.  However the fame hasn’t quite got to him yet and still, like any down to earth kinda guy, enjoys a classic episode of Geordie Shore – perfect for lazy days, when all you fancy is a little reality TV and chill. 

‘My dad is famous’

With a killer date lined up including a rooftop bar and some fancy bevs, you’ll be spoiled for choice, having to decide whether or not to gaze at the view, or into his deep blue eyes. 

And if you’re lucky enough to have made it through the first date, you might even bag yourself a ticket to the most prestigious event on the social calendar, the football end of season ball (although make sure you don’t get in the way of his relationship with the 1st team “big boys”).

He might not be stuck for admirers, but he is willing to go through everyone and anyone in order to find that special someone.   

Just look at those eyes.

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