Ninjah has released a new track – Voice of the Nation

It’s already got 3,784 hits on YouTube

Cardiff hero and voice of the people Ninjah has released a new club banger.

The track was released on November 19th by Tantrum Records who have been working with Ninjah for over a year.

The track opens with “Great Britain I don’t know what you are coming to”.


Ninjas addresses the nature of society, right down to the classic family construction and the current governmental state.

Other lyrics include: “We ruled the world and gave many people a hope, but now you’ve left us hanging from a rope”

“All you Parliament ministers are you trying to say, you can’t get it right.

“The biggest cost of the generation, why won’t you listen to our nation.”

The track has gained fan support and shows promise in influencing political change.

Known for his stylistic individuality, Ninjah’s latest release certainly is unlike any other.

The release of the track follows his major success of Raw in September last year, which received 32,175 hits.