Glam is by far the best thing about Cardiff

You voted – you were wrong

Earlier this month, The Tab Cardiff asked you to vote for the worst night out in Cardiff. Each club was scrutinised, except for the pointless Tiger Tiger who, for good reason, no one remembers anyway.

Then the worst happened. Out of 1,034 votes, 203 of you voted for Glam.

What is wrong with you?

Thumbs up for my baby

As noted in the first article, the only flaws Glam has is that weird smell as you walk in and the fact that the frisky freshers were trying to pull.

Well let me tell you something, Cardiff. Every club smells, and if you were in the state you were supposed to be in when you were arriving at Glam, then you wouldn’t even notice.

Time for another harsh truth: we were all freshers once, and we have all tried to pull, and you should be thanking God that we have such a fine establishment that is Glam to try in.

Look how happy I am, IN GLAM

While voting, people may have forgot about the many legendary events Glam puts on. It hosts Shang, infamous roof top parties, and is even the new home to Smack. If house and grime isn’t your thing, you can just head downstairs where they play non-stop chart hits.

They even throw one, maybe two, cheesy tunes in every hour if you’re lucky. You literally cannot go wrong with this set up.

I bloody love it in here

But aside from the house nights, let’s not forget about our precious Glam Mondays.

With the £1.50 vodka singles, £2 double vodkas, £1.50 Jägerbomb, you’re not exactly ruining your bank account here. Even on a Smack night, you can get a double vodka for £3. I would know because I’m there all the time, because it’s amazing.

Those vibes though

It also has a wide variety of guests that you can meet and greet, unlike some clubs out there, who only see the likes of MIC stars. I’m not saying anything, but you know where I’m talking about.

Glam has welcomed Scotty T, Vicky Pattison, Danny Jones, Joey Essex, Tyga,  and let’s not forget Scott Disick, the only respectable name from the Kardashian Klan. And that’s not even including the DJ Sets from Clean Bandit, Krept & Konan, Jaguar Skills and so many more.

So what’s not to love? Seriously? There’s something for everyone. Oh, you know what? I bet the voters were from Cardiff Met. Done, mystery solved.