Roath is a lovable shithole

Get banged Cathays

Situated around the holy cross that is Albany Road, Cathays’ marvellous and mystical next-door suburb Roath is often forgotten about.

Yet with a lively atmosphere, numerous torn-apart bin bags and copious amounts of fast food, what’s not to love?

Look at that lovely dog just adding to the Albany Road ambience

Roath plays hosts to by far the most popular park in Cardiff. We flock to it from afar to explore its wide expanses. With slides, swings and occasionally an ice cream truck, you’re guaranteed a great day out.

Cardiff’s vey own Hyde Park

If you can make it through the hustle of Albany Road, you get to the safe haven of The Royal George. Going down in Roath folklore, this legendary pub will serve you a beer for £1.80. Carlsberg it may be, but still. £1.80. Take that The Woodville.

The Royal George looking particularly regal

Roath is also home to the infamous Benny’s Chicken. Want some hot wings with a side order of a dodgy stomach? You’ve come to the right place. If you catch them closing at 3.30 am, you can also get a free suitcase of food to supplement your walk home. And they say Cathays T&A or Chicken Cottage is the place to be.

Where dreams are made

If you’ve had a rough night and are now living with a horrible hangover, head to Central Perk or Entral Perk, as it can currently be read. Sitting in the heart of Roath, this quaint café’s specialty is a full English breakfast, letting you beat last nights trip to Pryzm.

The smashed window glass in the left hand door and the missing C really add to the decor

Here in Roath not a trick is missed. Would your typical Cardiff banlieue be complete without numerous kitchen appliances up for grabs? They coat the streets to create a drunken assault course for us to scale on the way back from Glam.

Moy Road keeping traditions alive

Don’t get too comfy in your halls, you’ll be living here next year.