Fresher’s bike stolen from outside Talybont North

Her bike cost £400

A fresher living in House Y Talybont North has had her bike stolen.

The £400 bike belonged to Physics fresher Rosie Plimmer.

The light blue Trek Woman’s bike, which has a white seat, was locked to the bike stand outside of House Y in Talybont North and was last seen at 10pm on Saturday the 21st November.

The following Monday morning at 8.30am the bike had been stolen and the bike lock was cut and dumped on the floor.

The scene of the crime

Rosie said: “I was absolutely devastated after I saw that my bike was gone, I burst into tears and ran into the flat and sobbed to my flatmate.

“But now, I’m just really pissed off. What a horrible thing to do to someone.

Rosie uses the bike everyday to lectures

“I also missed my lecture that day because it takes an hour to walk to my building compared with 20 minutes on the bike.

“Not only have I lost something really expensive but it’s just a massive inconvenience to my daily routine.”

The bike lock had been cut through and dumped on the floor

The bike has been reported stolen to the security in Talybont and also to the police.

If you have information regarding the theft please contact Talybont Security or the police.