Everything that ever has and will happen at the Lash

Live love lash


Every single week it’s the same, isn’t it?

9.30pm  –  It’s already begun

Watching the people get lairy, it’s not very pretty I tell thee

10.47pm – Queues, queues, queues

Tick tock, tick tock

11.12pm – We made it

Thank you bartender xoxo

11.45pm – Mo drinks = mo queues

We love queuing

11.50pm – Queue friends

11.56pm – Why does it always smell in here

12:01am – Dance dance dance

Let’s get on the dance floor

12.35am – This is so good

Because we like to party

1.00am – She’s holier than thou

1.20am – There’s love in the crowd

1.40am – Because societies

Can you spot the rugby lads?

2.05am – When you find that drunk friend


2.25am – Holla to the lost souls tonight

Is that them? Nope. Wait that’s them… Nope

2.35am – Finding the other drunk friend, with who?

2.45am – Finding the squad before you go

Quick drink 

Then there’s that sad, oh so sad, moment – 3.05am


See you next week.