Meet the anti-feminist Cardiff fresher who doesn’t plan to have a girlfriend

He claims he was forced to move out after he was cornered by his feminist flatmates

David Sheratt, a Cardiff Chemistry fresher is an anti-feminist and is part of the secretive organisation MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way.

Many people have never heard of MGTOW, however David told The Tab “it’s basically not getting married, having kids and tending to stay away from the opposite sex and not really doing what’s expected of a man.”

The 18-year-old described it as: “not exactly a movement, it’s more of a lifestyle choice.”

David confesses he has always been anti-social and isolated, particularly when he moved to Cardiff to study Chemistry.

Unlike most new Cardiff students who cannot wait to get to uni for the nightlife and the social aspect, David explained “I don’t like going out. I didn’t go out in Fresher’s week.

“Going out and having one night stands is too risky. Girls could falsely accuse you of rape.”

When explaining MGTOW, he said “It’s a direct reaction to feminism. I don’t like feminism. I think it actively harms gender roles.

“It promotes that women are weaker and need help from men. Now a lot of men are not getting the help that they need.”

When he’s not in his first year Chemistry lectures, David told us “sometimes I do proper content videos and sometimes I do jokes.”

David was originally allocated the off campus Liberty Living private halls. However, he had to move flats after just two months. He said: “My last set of flatmates were all feminists and they decided to surround me in a room.

“They all had a go at me for several hours, over my general views and that I do videos online. They took a lot of offence to those.”

“I pretty much stayed in my room, didn’t talk to them and kept as far away as possible.”

He explained that the move was a long process as it was so early on in the year.


David has never had a girlfriend and isn’t convinced he will ever want one. Some members of MGTOW will go so far as to never interact with girls, avoiding them completely.

He said: “I wouldn’t say I don’t plan to have a girlfriend ever, but I don’t see anything on the horizon at the moment. I’d have to be really really careful and I’d have to trust them.”

The recent debate around consent classes has been a hot topic for discussion and debate within the media.

However David expressed his disdain for the idea, he said: “I don’t know about any plans to launch consent classes in Cardiff, but I hope not. Consent classes are very, very worrying.

“It just doesn’t make sense at all. On one hand we’re told that rape is something done to intentionally hurt people. Then it doesn’t make sense to do a class teaching that rape is wrong because people who are doing it know it’s wrong.

“If there is, there’s probably going to be some controversy around me because I’m not going to be quiet about it.”