What’s the worst thing about Cardiff Uni?

The queue in Lidl is really, really, really long

When you tell your mates that you’re going to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, you’re greeted with the classic sheep shagging jokes and questions about where your loyalties will lie in the Six Nations. We know Cardiff is the bomb but it does have its flaws. What’s the worst thing? The seagulls, it’s definitely the seagulls.

Lidl at 6pm

It feels like there is a good time to venture into Lidl for your shop, but there is no doubt that the last lecture rush is the worst. Queues stretching back to the dips, and cold meats line the walkways while you scavenge for the final onions and cucumbers. The stress of the fast packing can be too much, and you’d rather just pay the extra tenner to go to Tesco down the road.

The crossroads

If hell was a road, it would be the crossroads. The centre point of boulevard madness where Park Place, Colum Road and Corbett Road intertwine to one feel like a life or death situation when you’re in a rush getting to your lecture. The two minute change for the traffic lights to change can feel like a life time. It is unimaginable how many days will be wasted standing at those crossroads for the duration of your three years at uni. And to top it off, promoters are on every corner shoving flyers down your throat, which you have to take because you have nothing better to do, the bastards.

ASSL in exam season

The most popular library at university becomes has a similar feel to the over crowded swimming pool on holiday. People get down early to put their towel down, or in this case their MacBook Pro and highlighters, then fuck off for the rest of the day. As seats are left empty, other people turn to having mental breakdowns in lounge area and between bookcases and the whole establishment turns into chaos. We will never learn, but it’s always better to stay at home.

Everyone’s gone mad

The Seagull mafia of Cathays and Talybont

These beaky bastards ruin our 3pm naps, our day-off lie ins, and provide a free alarm clock system, especially on bin day. They make Cathays residents look like messy pups by littering the roads when actually these feathered criminals are to blame (however, we take responsibility for the smashed glass).


The price of VKs

It seems in the last year there has been a growing demand for our beloved VKs. Those fluorescent colored drinks have pride of place in the SU. Glowing proudly among the likes of vodka and jager you can hardly miss them. And yet they have only been made more bloody expensive. It’s simply outrageous having to fork out that extra 50p. Its almost as bad as being 5p for a plastic fork in the library cafes – I’m sorry but really? 5p? It’s almost as if we live in a capitalist society.

VK lovin

Library coffee machines

You’re in the library and all you want is to procrastinate in the form of slowly meandering to get an overpriced coffee from the coffee machines. We all have been there, slowly but surely you have been sat clock watching waiting until it is your moment to shine and that coffee is gonna be yours. Ah, of course the fucking machine is broken. Not only that but it stays broken for at least 6 days after, complete with some stupid poster saying it is “temporarily out of order”. Cheers library teams. Not like we need caffeine to help us through the 12 hour stints of sheer horror and panicking knowing our essay is due in less than 4 hours and we haven’t done a bibliography. Thanks a bunch.