We went to Frenchie Fest and frolicked with 800 French Bulldogs

‘That’s my retirement plan – just a big farm with loads of Pugs and loads of Frenchies’

Step aside Glam, there’s a new fest in town. In the form of four little legs, a wet nose and a waggy tail.

With previous show Pug Fest proving to be a massive success, Frenchie Fest has followed in its pawsteps providing a day of extreme cuteness and a much needed doggy detour from looming deadlines.

Frenchie Fest saw the gathering of 800 French bulldogs ranging in colours, shapes and sizes, as well as fellow owners and one or two obsessives fans.


The venue was a wrinkle-faced wonderland, with an arena, obstacle course, stalls and outdoor play area, all occupied by French bulldogs. It seemed there was a section dedicated to every Frenchie personality. From the crazily active ones to those who just wanted to chill.

There were even a few pugs.

Serious chill taking place

Still cute though

For those who wanted to show off their Frenchies, there were several competitions, including a Doggie Dash, Grand Dog Show and Agility Course.

“It’s so hard to judge, you just want to say yes to them all and give them all rosettes” said organiser Rob Clowes on how he and Benidorm star, Danny Walters judged the competition.

Pugfest was inspired by the 18,000 followers of Rob’s late pug puppy, Poppy. He set up Pugfest in her memory as a way for all Pug lovers to get together and celebrate pugliness, as well as fund rescuing Pugs and French bulldogs.

Founder of Frenchie Fest, Rob, with the face of Frenchie Fest, Bruce

The inspiration behind Frenchie Fest was Bruce, an adorable six month old French Bulldog, rescued at just three months old with a heart murmur. Money raised at Frenchie Fest will contribute towards the expense of his operation, whilst also helping with the rescuing and rehabilitation of ex breeding bulldogs.

The future of Frenchie Fest looks bright and absolutely adorable, with event organiser Rob Clowes saying that there will be many more events like this. Including one for both frenchies and pugs – Frug Fest.

Cuddles with bae