Only one of Cardiff Uni’s top 16 earners is a woman

She is one of seven women on the Univerty’s executive board

Only one female member of university staff was paid more than £140,000 last year.

Figures have shown that she was the only female top earner at Wales’s top university

Despite the fact that seven of the University’s executive board members are women, the information showed that only one female member staff earnt a wage which was equal to that of the highest paid male member of staff.

Given that Cardiff University is a main partner in the research initiative “Women Adding Value to the Economy” which seeks to address pay imbalances in the Welsh workplace, this information is particularly embarrassing.

Speaking to WalesOnline, a Cardiff University spokesperson said: “The historical data (from 2014) quoted is not reflective of the present day.

“The University is committed to addressing gender equality at all levels, and to ensuring that all colleagues are rewarded fairly by taking into account achievements, contribution and experience.

“The current University Executive Board has an equal representation of men and women.

“However, we are not complacent and the University is undertaking a number of activities in support of gender equality.”