BPOC: Princess Bunni

The name is a play on words

Big Pets On Campus come in all shapes and sizes – meet this week’s royal contender.

To her housemates she is know as Princess Bunni or Bun. Owners and housemates Polly, Lydia, Lindsey and Sophia automatically started calling their new furry friend Bunni when deciding on a name and it just stuck. Seems appropriate.


Like lots of Cathays pets, Bunni was bought from Cardiff Market around 4 months ago. After having serious withdrawal symptoms from their cats and dogs at home, the girls decided they wanted a rabbit for cuddles in Cardiff.

Her fave food is always changing and she likes to have a balanced diet based on sticks of celery, carrots and curly kale. She even tries to steal her housemates food by nibbling on it when she wants their attention. If she is ever having a bad day or wants a special snack Pets at Home Nibblot treats are the one.

To match her fabulous housemates, Bun is pampered and treated like no less than a princess. From food treats to fresh bedding Bunni is living in rare student luxury. Her generous owners buy her seasonal themes outfits too and her favourite time of year is coming up… Christmas. She’s ready to start decorating her cage.

Christmas is coming

Although Bunni spends the nights sleeping in her cage, she is likely to be found hopping around the flat during the day and resting on her housemate’s beds. She’s a cheeky one.

Home sweet home

Bun loves spending her evenings watching soaps and reality TV, in particular Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She feels she can relate to Kendall Jenner because of her superstar status.

Bunni’s biggest diva trait is that she will only walk and hop around happily when there are blankets down as the floor is too cold and slippery for her furry paws.

Polly says: “Bunni is the best housemate, I couldn’t imagine not having her around. It makes me happy when I come home from uni to see her.”

Best friends <3

It will be a sad day when this group of gals have to choose who takes Bunni back home after their final year in Cardiff.