Where is Cardiff’s best smoking area?

No, not you Retros

We all have our favourite club in Cardiff. More often than not one of the key factors in the decision making process is the smoking area. We’ve rated a selection of Cardiff’s so you don’t have to.


No one can remember what used to be the old grotty Glam smokers area after the new and improved renovation. You know what they say: fresh smoking area, fresh mind. You just might not be feeling too fresh in the morning. With a vast arrangement of seating why wouldn’t you want to spend the majority of your night there? Its such a cool space, its even hosted some pretty rocking summer roof-top parties.

However, climbing about three staircases to get up there must have caused a fatigue induced injury at some point. Even from personal experience, I’m more likely to be rolling down the stairs than climbing up them. Although, this new and improved smoking area is very spacious, I have known people to get lost up there, never to be found again (especially at Shang.)

We give Glam an 8/10.

Pretty cool

Y Plas

For the amount of people inside the SU at a standard Lash or Flux night (which is usually a lot) we really don’t understand the tiny mouse trap run which is, the smoking area. Maybe the uni is trying to promote “smoking is bad” but really, it’s an accident waiting to happen. The worst thing is, the majority of the people in the smoking area don’t even smoke, they just need some cold air to cool down after the sweat fest in the main room. Just after you’ve survived the surge in the queue, and attempted to not get crushed to death, why not treat yourself to a Hooch and a fag? Just good luck finding a comfortable space to do so, drunk rugby lads on a Wednesday get way too close for comfort just out of a sheer lack of space.

We give the SU a 5/10.

How we meant to move?


First and foremost, the fairy-lights, a really nice touch. You can look up and pretend you are star gazing while lighting your fag, what’s better? The majority of the time, the bouncers are pretty friendly and let you take your drinks outside, a big bonus as most other clubs do not (fun sponges.)  Although there aren’t as many seats as we would like, the weird decking area just through the double doors and before the smoking area has a lovely ambience . Especially for your non-smoker friends who wait impatiently for you to try and convince someone to “lend” you a cigarette and then a lighter. If you are quick enough to nab a seat outside, the heaters are some of the best in the city. Definitely a necessity in the cold Cardiff winter months when you actually decide to leave your house for a boogie at Sync.

Well done Revs, we give you a 9/10.

Just enjoying our drinks


Well, Retros had to be mentioned due to the fact that there isn’t an actual smoking area. A bit against our human rights, no? Outside the front of the club is where everyone stands for their fag break which is definitely needed after sweating it out inside. They may only charge £1 for most drinks but surely it doesn’t mean they can’t afford a designated smoking area, even some barriers will do. Leaving the club to sit on the kerb and smoke just isn’t the luxury some of us Cardiff divas require. Wrestling the bouncers to get back into the club and prove we have already paid for entry is also just unnecessary agg on a night out.

We give this a 2/10. Soz.

Still lovin life doe


For the sophisticated among of us who fancy a “chilled one with the gals” over 2-for-1 cocktails or even for the edgier types who enjoy a dirty house beat, Buffalo’s smoking area accommodates all. With a beer-garden type vibe you can pop in, in the summer for a pint or two during the day or evening, unlike many of the other Cardiff venues. For night-time though, the heaters are top notch so even in the winter you will stay cosy and warm. Buffalo is popular and really – where else can you test your luck in a game of Black-jack with the bartender in the outside bar shack and win free shots?

We give Buffalo an 8/10.

Night wiv tha gals

Although Glam and Buffalo were fair contenders and strong competition. Revs is the winner. Those fairy-lights were the ultimate decider really, and what about the sign? Just in case you forget where you were.

Happy customers