Germaine Greer will still give a lecture in November

The university have confirmed it

Cardiff University has confirmed Germaine Greer will give a lecture in November.

The Student Unions’ Women’s Officer, Rachael Melhuish, began a campaign to ban the feminist speaker from lecturing at Hayden Ellis event at Cardiff University on November 18th.

The petition received over 3,000 signature and caused controversy in Cardiff and the wider public.

Greer has been confirmed to be speaking in a couple of weeks

Greer had previously said on Newsnight she wasn’t going to attend the lecture, as she did not “want to go down there and be screamed at and have things thrown at me”.

In the latest issue of Gair Rhydd Cardiff University confirmed that she will in fact still be giving her talk entitled “Women and Power: The Lessons of the 20th Century”.

A University spokesperson said: “Our events include speakers with a range of views, all of which are rigorously challenged and debated. This event will be no different.”