ASSL fire drill confuses and scares November neeks

We thought the building was going to burn down

Eager coursework-doers were made to evacuate the Arts and Social Sciences Library after the fire alarm was set off.

At 11am, the library staff demanded students in the ASSL leave immediately, making hearts race as people quivered over the decision to take or leave their belongings before the supposed blaze hit their essay plans and Hoffi Coffi’s.

It felt like a communal study break outside

Mica, 20, studying English Language and writing up her coursework at the time of the drill, said: “I shit myself, I thought it was a real drill, but I still took my bag with me just in case.”

A member of security told survivors of the drill that in the event of a real fire, bookworms in the ASSL would have five minutes to escape the popular library.

After that there would, apparently, be no hope.

Students quickly emptied the building in three and a half minutes

The reading week workers got out in an impressive three and a half minutes, and have now returned to moaning about their impending deadlines.