We met EastEnders’ Max Branning in Glam

‘I told him he was my wet dream’

We met “Mr Steal yo gurl” Jake Wood in Glam last week on Monday 19th October.

We managed to get a club photo and selfie, but unfortunately the queue was too long for a proper conversation.

The forward-facing flash took him by surprise

However, second years Kiran Sidhu and Chloe Pritchard told us he had some interesting things to say.

Kiran: “I asked him how he was finding Cardiff, and he just said it was really, really busy.”

Chloe: “I told him he was my wet dream. He replied by saying “that’s so flattering thank you”, and then I walked off.

“As I walked off he said “keep dreaming gorgeous” and then I pied off his attempt at a high-five.”

Chloe pictured with the man himself

Jake Wood previously made an appearance in Glam last April, and is currently taking a year’s break from EastEnders.