What was your biggest regret during Freshers’ week?

‘Having really shit sex’

From drinking to dodgy kebabs, Freshers’ week is undoubtedly one of the best experiences of our lives. Filled with hazy memories of new friends, cringey club nights and serious alcohol consumption.

Intoxicated decisions often come with sober regret.

We headed up to Talybont to find out what this year’s intake of freshers regretted most about their first ‘diff experience.

Johnny, 19, Economics and Finance

He had a sore head in the morning

“I walked into a lamp post, it was really bad. I had to get three boys to carry me home”

Tom, 19, Economics

Understandably a little reluctant to be photographed

“I slept with someone who was really shit.”

Amy, 19, Business Information Systems 

Amy won’t be showing her face in Glam again

“I drank a bottle of vodka on my second night and passed out in Glam toilets”

Royce, 19, Chemistry 

Third wheel

“My biggest regret was having her (on the right) kick two girls out of my room one night”

Ellie, 18, Psychology

There’s still time

“My biggest regret was not getting to know my housemates quick enough”

Adam, 18, Medical Engineering

A classic mistake

“I wish I didn’t buy the SU band. I didn’t realise you could pay on the door”

Robert, 19, Mechanical Engineering 


“I spent £100 at the SU”

Sanchi, 19, Dentistry 

What a waste

“I should never of bought the two week freshers wristband. I barely used it”

Matt, 18, Economics 

Too much necking on

“I mixed with too many people and picked up their illnesses”

Tessa Gordon, 18, Radiotherapy 

Such a fresher

“My biggest regret was not getting enough sleep. Waking up for a 9am on two hours sleep was not fun”

George, 19, Biology 

No paps please

“No regrets, YOLO”

Holly Roberts, 18, Chemistry 

Efficiency at its best

“I got so drunk at the Ski Social. I woke up still in my clothes for a 9am start”