Is it OK to use someone else’s toothbrush?

‘It is completely immoral’

From the ambivalent to the down right disgusted – lock up your toothbrushes, you’re not as safe as you think.

Emma, Business, third year

No. It’s disgusting. It’s like wearing someone else’s knickers. You know in the morning you don’t kiss someone because – ew. Then you definitely don’t use their toothbrush.

You don’t know where they’ve been.

Josh, Ancient History, third year

Not generally. I’ve used my girlfriend’s or family members’ if I’ve forgotten mine.

But I wouldn’t go as far as using a friend’s one.

Steph, History, third year

I don’t think that is okay no. Using someone else’s is pretty sly, I would be pretty annoyed if someone used mine.

Oh gosh, but then what if they needed it? But that is not how I have been brought up, absolute filth.

Ollie, Neuroscience, third year

Yes. I used to be very adverse to it and then I went travelling. I got into a few desperate situations and had to use someone else’s and now I’m over it.

But sharing gum or ice-cream is still just not okay.

Ellie, English Literature and Philosophy, second year

My immediate answer is no. It is so personal, it is like kissing through a tooth brush. If it was my boyfriend then fine but it is still a bit grim.

The worst would be if someone used yours and did not tell you, it is completely immoral and you don’t have a chance to wash it out properly, it would be like they are laughing at you.

Sam, Geology, third year

I think it’s a bit gross, but I would get over it. I have boundaries, family no, friends yes.

But it is actually not that big of a deal.

Laura, Economics, third year

I’d say no. I guess if I didn’t know then I wouldn’t care if it was a close friend.

But I would probably just give them mouthwash.

Mike, History, third year

Well that depends on trust, if you know someone really well then it is not a bother, other than that it is odd.

But I don’t really mind, I’m a student, germs don’t really factor into my life.

Sues, English Literature, third year

Obviously I wouldn’t out of choice, but there are worse things in life. To be honest, I have shared toothbrushes with friends and boyfriends and it isn’t a big deal.

I would rather that than not brush my teeth.