Police, council and unis called a summit to try and make the city safe

They’re cracking down on ‘laddish culture’

Following the recent sexual attacks in Cardiff, the city council, South Wales police and Cardiff universities met to discuss the safety of those on nights out in the city centre.

The summit has promised to crackdown on “laddish” behaviour in Cardiff universities in light of the attacks.  Sophie Howe, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, said that agencies are planning a programme to cut “laddish” culture in universities. 

She said:  “We’ll be working with all the universities here in Cardiff to develop a programme looking at challenging a laddish culture which can at times lead to sexually inappropriate behaviour and also looking at a programme enabling better support to be provided to people who may be victims of sexual assault.

“There have been a number of examples in universities across the country which is really worrying in terms of laddish culture.”

“I think it’s an issue universities are very well aware of and they’re very keen to work with us and other partners to put in place programmes to challenge that.”

Pro Vice Chancellor at Cardiff University Patricia Price, said that the university would be working with police to keep students safe.

Price said:  “Cardiff is a very popular and very safe city but there are peaks and troughs in the number of people coming in and Freshers’ Week and Fortnight is one of those times so as a university we want to play our part.

“We are against initiation ceremonies and events like that so we have put on far more day activities which are alcohol free to encourage people to come and meet new people without getting drunk.”

The summit follows investigations after three sexual assaults occurred during Freshers Week.

40 year old Remus Hamza and 23 year old University of South Wales student Khalid Alahmadi have both been charged with attempted rape in relation to two out of the three alleged sexual attacks.

Plea hearings have yet to be heard in regard to both charges.