BPOC: Bruce the bunny

Life goes on after graduation for big pets on campus

Last year, The Tab wrote about Bruce and Pluto . Two baby bunnies who made a legendary BPOC status for themselves tearing up Manchester Uni.

Bunnies love the Tab

Adopted from a local family who had an accidental litter from their rescue rabbits, Bruce and Pluto settled into Manc life happily, and their tiny size and ridiculous cuteness gained them notoreity in Fallowfield.

But where are they now?

One of their many fans

Having gone their separate ways we now meet Bruce who is spending his graduate life in Cardiff while his owner lives at home doing a masters at Cardiff Uni.

Lemme take a selfie

Exam time got too much and early retirement was needed

He has found a new partner in his freakishly dwarfed companion Nancy. They spend their days exploring the great outdoors without being scared of hopping on broken glass or finding mystery baggies on the floor.

Bruce’s new GF, Nancy

Although he misses hosting the best Manchester house parties, Bruce now enjoys retired life, sitting on the sofa watching NCIS repeats and daytime TV while snuggled up to his bae.

Netflix and chill with bae

Now that Bruce has moved away from his student accommodation, he can enjoy the finer things in life, such as eating Waitrose kale and organic carrots. Gone are the days of Sainsbury’s basics spinach and slightly gone off food.

The bunny we need and deserve

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