Live Lounge is the jewel in the crown of Cardiff’s nightlife

They serve food from 11am

In the aftermath of a predictably messy and fun filled Freshers’ fortnight a gap will be left in any Cardiff newbie’s brain. A gap significantly smaller than the gaping mental crevasse left by 14 nights of epic inebriation, but a gap nonetheless. The gap which will be filled by a little old gem, tucked away behind Greyfriars, called Live Lounge.

It is here the most unique and eccentric of characters congregate every night of the week to get steaming along to the soft, melodious notes of a thrashing live band and, obviously, copious amounts of cheap booze and head banging.

Where’s the wally?

Unlike Glam, Pryzm or your ol’ faithful SU, Live Lounge does not really uphold any kind of demographic. If you’re under the age 100, dressed like you just crawled out of bed, or you’ve already had fifteen too many sambucas at predrinks, this is the place for you.

Open until 4am and starting their day at 11 to serve food with a Food Standards Agency Hygiene Rating of 2/5, Live Lounge is virtually a 24 hour fun-fest.

Not one sad face in the house

Aside from the live music, the DJ will play whatever you ask of them. The typical playlist is old school garage, pop punk and the occasional heavy metal moshing track, which still goes down surprisingly well.

Newly installed booths in the upstairs section are a welcome addition when getting served downstairs is proving a nightmare. Just don’t put your bag on the bar where Noah’s flood itself has cascaded a tidal storm of wine, beer and various shots over the surface. The intolerable aromas and memories will haunt you and your flatmates for the following week.

Four more, what say you

The upstairs area is also ideal for people watching, or identifying your lost mate in the crowd below. What better Saturday night viewing can you get other than watching women jumping around their pile of sticky handbags like Peter Pan’s lost boys and someone’s mum and dad reliving their youth and necking each other in a corner?

Visiting the toilets is a questionable gamble. The swinging saloon style doors don’t lock. You’re not only going to have to hold one side, but both, as you hold your drink, undo your playsuit and reassure the bathroom attendant outside the door. No, you haven’t passed out, you’re just taking a minute to collect your thoughts and escape having to down another tequila at the bar. If you take the time to chat to her though, she might even give you a free lollipop (and they’re proper Chupa Chups ones).

Who needs cocktails when rosé is on the menu?

If you want to sample one of Live Lounge’s alcoholic specials, the traditional wine-in-a-vase is up there with one of the best purchases you’ll ever make. There are no frills. A whole bottle of rosé, poured into a plastic vase, with a straw, for less than a fiver.

What Live Lounge seemingly lacks in class it makes up for in shabby charm. Its infamous flight of stairs have taken the dignity and broken the ankle of many a high-heeled maiden. The enthusiastic bar tenders who will gladly down that shot you just bought but can’t handle, and the jolliest bouncers around. If anything, it is one place everyone has to try just once, even if it is 3.37am and you have a two hour seminar first thing in the morning (which is never, ever a valid excuse).