Cafe 37 versus Ramones

We all know there’s only one winner

A tale of two cafes. On either side of Salisbury Road, sworn enemies.

But which one does the better fry up we so deeply desire when we wake up hungover?

Hangover heaven

Cafe 37, is styled as a retro diner and offers a wide selection of breakfasts. The full English tends to be a favourite when we strive to cure the hangovers from a shameless night at Flux.

At the modest price of £4.50 plus a cup of tea, it’s no surprise on the Sunday morning you struggle to find a seat.

While Cafe 37 provides the perfect hangover cure for those regrettable Jäegerbombs, the cafe also boasts a wide range of all-day breakfasts, including veggie options.

All that for £4.50. Bargain

Pippa studying Law, said: “I love having a some pancakes after my veggie breakfast, and at Cafe 37 its possible.”

“It’s a place where hungover dreams come true.”

Elle studying English Literature said: “Cafe 37 is cheap and tasty. Just what I need after an expensive night out.”

There are plenty of other options other than a fry up

Even if you don’t fancy a full English brekkie, there are other options available for those indecisive breakfasters. Cafe 37 is renowned for it’s variety of milkshakes and sundaes, an equally calorific alternative to a greasy breakfast.

A desirable alternative to the retro diner is Ramones (which has undergone a renovation on Salisbury Road). It is a popular retreat for all, although you will find it attracts the local builders who are after some greasy satisfaction as opposed to the starving second year in search of hangover satisfaction.

This comparison would be far more valid if anyone of us had actually been to Ramones.

We haven’t. You haven’t. There’s only one winner.

You’ll find Cafe 37 on Salisbury Street, right opposite Ramones

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