The cheapest drinks you can buy for prelash in Cathays

Manns be drinking cheap brown ale

The year’s underway, so you should probably start budgeting. When food shopping, we can no longer afford luxuries like Andrex or Babybels, why should your alcohol shop be any different? Smirnoff and Tesco Value are basically the same thing anyway.

Manns Brown Ale* – 89p

Where to find: Home Bargains

Manns be drinking cheap brown ale. *Not taste tested. Might taste like piss. But at least you’ll be able to afford cheese on your chips at the end of the night.

It says since 1902 on the bottle, so Manns are bound to have nailed the taste by now

Lambrini – £1.49

Where to find: Tesco

Good ol’ classic Lambrini to take you back to the days of drinking down the park with your mates. This will be cheap wherever you buy it. 10 out of 10 for affordability, two out of 10 for class.


This classy second year loves him a big ol’ bottle of lambrini

Baywood Wine – £2.49

Where to find: Lidl

It comes in white, rose and red. Baywood also has the added benefit of not looking as cheap as it costs, if your hand is large enough to cover the label. Pop a straw in the top and enjoy a cheap night.

It’s a yes from drunk me

V-Kat Dry Schnapps – £8

Where to find: Tesco

Super cheap Schnapps, £8 for a litre. Is it any coincidence Tesco have conveniently placed it next to the ibuprofen? Post grad law student Kathryn Allen thinks not, as she swears it was the culprit for her worst hangover ever: “It even turned my vom an exotic neon yellow.”


The V stands for vile

“Yeah how bad can it be”


The face says it all

Value Vodka, Gin, Brandy – £10

Where to find: Tesco

Vodka, the spirit which screams “let’s get shitfaced”. Tesco’s own costs £10 for 70cl which beats Lidl’s Putinoff by 31p AND you get an all important 20cl more. Tesco Value also offer gin, rum and brandy for the same price. 

This second year’s one true love