Cardiff Uni bid to become ‘world leaders’ as they launch five new research institutes

The university will soon have nine centres

Cardiff University, the top-ranked university in Wales, has said that its new flagship centres would harness data to tackle real world problems such as crime, climate, science and medicine.

The five new centres will arrive in time for Cardiff to potentially land a spot in the world’s top 100 higher education institutions.

These new institutions will more than double the number of Cardiff’s current research institutions, as four became active in 2011.

The latest research centres include: Crime and Security Research Institute, Waters Research Institute, Systems Immunity Research Institute, Energy Systems Research Institute and Data Innovation Research Institute.

The university will now have 9 research centres

Cardiff University has stated that these hubs of excellence would aim to reduce crime and increase security, develop cures for major chronic diseases and harness data to tackle real world problems.

They’re also hoping that the opening of these new institutes will attract the most prime international talent to Cardiff, as well as creating opportunities for the university’s current researchers.

In the past two years alone, researchers in the university’s European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute have developed two experimental cancer-halting drugs and the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute continuing their research into the 21 risk genes linked to Alzheimer’s.

These five new institutes will tackle to continue building the success of Cardiff University’s impressive 2014 Research Excellence Framework results, where they were placed fifth in the UK for the quality of research and second nationally for the impact of their research.

Cardiff was placed 5th best for research quality in 2014

Professor Colin Riordan, Cardiff’s President and Vice-Chancellor has stated: “We want our new institutes to send a clear message that we have the critical mass and the academic excellence to make a difference to major problems facing humanity, and in these fields we intend to be world leaders.

“In the short time since the original institutes were formed in 2011, their pioneering work in areas ranging from drug discovery to neurological disease has already signalled to the world Cardiff’s strengths and intentions as a global university.

“It is important that our research continues to offer answers to the biggest challenges that threaten our future and I’m confident that by focusing our energies on these new areas we can succeed.”

Economy Minister Edwina Hart said: “Cardiff University has a strong track record of producing world-class research with social and economic impact, which contributes strongly to the Welsh Government’s ambition for a stronger science base.

“These new research institutes will bring together academics from a range of disciplines to tackle the major challenges facing society, the economy and the environment.”