Bachelor of the Week: Joe Merriweather

He’s quite posh

bachelor bnoc joe merriweather

Descending from the depths of the Somerset countryside, Joe Merriweather insists he’s no farmer.

A budding journalist on a quest to discover “the beauty of life” this strawberry blonde bombshell has lost sight of love in recent years, preoccupied by a whirlwind romance with his beloved guitar.

For three years it’s just been one man and his guitar

Despite singing at wedding venues around the country, Joe is yet to find his lucky Welsh wife-to-be.

With aspirations which outgrow his 5ft 8 frame, our bachelor is living proof that quality trumps quantity, sporting a Jamie Laing accent which screams “One must take me home to meet the parents.”

Big surprises come in small packages

However, this pretty posh boy refuses to live off the bank of mummy and daddy, not afraid to get his hands dirty in a Pina Colada during shifts at a local bar.

Making the most of his newly developed transferable skills, Joe plans to swap pulling pints for pulling of a whole new kind, building a forearm that only dreams are made of.

From pulling pints to pulling Bute birds

Never one to stray too far from his privately educated roots, Joe is particularly partial to a rump steak accompanied by a couple of Camden Gentleman’s Wit at Porters, a restaurant exclusive to Bath – naturally darling.

Equally keen to tuck into the rump on campus, this week’s fun-sized fella spends his spare time preening his petite self in Cathays gym whilst dancing the night away at Revs Tuesdays, sometimes a little too passionately.

The worm has made an appearance, we’re told.

Only at private school…

With a lifelong ambition to perform at Glastonbury, ginger Joe plans to serenade the student señoritas with a song sweet enough to send them into a siesta.

Big dreams come with a humble heart, and little Joey wants nothing more out of life than to be happy and have a family – awww.

Just your average family man

So if you want a big surprise in a slightly under the average sized package, message us at [email protected] to arrange a date with Joe.

With a pleasant voice and genuine heart, you’re bound to get value per square inch.