You’ve been here for a week, take your uni hoodie off

You earn those colours


The university hoodie is a stamp of pride after you enter your new living and learning quarters. Coming to uni is an exciting but terrifying time. The last thing you want to do is look like a mug in front of all your new flatmates.

So I strongly advise you to take off the uni hoodie that you so eagerly bought on your first day and quickly hide it under you dodgy Taly bed for the foreseeable future.

Trust us on this one.

You don’t look cool, you look way too keen. You’ve literally been here a week, you should flash all your cozy as jumpers and chill it on the preppy front for a little while.

It’s like you don’t even know Cardiff yet – how hard have you really hit the clubs? Where’s Clwb Ifor Bach? I bet you don’t even know.

And when you don’t know your Cardiff postcode yet there’s no point branding yourself with the logo.

Too much

We are all down for some classic uni pride but come on, it’s got to be genuine.

If you’re a fresher, just don’t think about it. You earn those colours with away days to Varsity in Swansea and Sambuccas in Juice.

Now you’re just taking the piss

Second years can don them hands down, but you have to wait until you’ve completed the uni checklist: chippy lane, thrown up in the club loos, dodged a few lectures, and got a team to go out with enforce.

And then you hold onto it until you are the superior third year who’s attempting to cling on to the memories of their Fresher’s fun whilst grad jobs and dissertations loom over them.

Don’t complain, I’ve just literally just saved you £30 of your student loan to make those memories with.