Revealed: Cardiff’s least hygienic Kebabbies

Unlucky Chicken Cottage


Dirty Chicken Cottage and Chicago Bulls only have a one out of five hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Unexpectedly the takeaways of cleanly Chippy Alley score higher than those of Cathays.

Mama’s and Family Fish Bar both scored four out of five.

Chicken Cottage and Chicago Bulls’ pitiful score of one means “Major Improvement Necessary”.

The drunk food retailers on Chippy Alley scored far higher than those of Cathays.

What are you smiling about mate

Morgan’s Fish Bar & Kebab house, Marmaris Kebabs, Kebab King and Tony’s Fish & Chip Bar all scored a mighty five out of five on the FSA scale.

Griller scored the worst of the Chipy Alley establishments, but still raked in a respectable three out of five.


Sarah Murray, an English Lit third year, said: “Having spent a year living in the metropolis of Cathays, we have experienced our fair share of Cardiff’s top 3am food fixes.

“Our loyalties lie with Family Fish Bar; Abdul is always at hand to provide the finest battered sausage Cathays has ever witnessed, only complete with a side order of crave curing curry chips.

“Whilst it may only boast a four star hygiene rating, they are lucky enough to be protected by the fact that we can never quite differentiate between mild food poisoning and the consequences of a particularly ribbly night.”

This is Abdul, we think

So, if you want your sickness to be purely alcoholic and not from takeaways – your safest bet is to head down to Chippy Lane.