Bachelor of the week: Cormac Foley

He can play the guitar


Cardiff’s own Niall Horan. Surf bum by day, pardy-er by night, journalist Cormac Foley may not have a sexy Irish accent or four bangable bandmates, but the combination of his angelic looks and honest nature is enough to make any girl go weak at the knees.

Them shoulders tho

With deep blue eyes and wavy golden locks, Cormac appears the perfect suitor for any lucky lady. However, with a list of past times longer than my right arm, this high rolling hunk is struggling to find the special someone who can keep up with his energetic, work -hard-play-hard lifestyle.

Work hard, play harder


Originally from the coastal town of Portsmouth, this week’s blue-eyed bachelor epitomises your textbook surfer boy, loving nothing more than riding the waves after a cheeky strum of his beloved guitar. Residing now in Cathays, Cormac hopes to continue to both strum and ride in a totally new context.

You can take the boy from the beach but you can’t take the beach out of the boy

Behind his low maintenance, laid back exterior lies a passion for the finer things in life. Between gruelling training sessions for the University fencing squad, Cormac is particularly partial to “long walks on the beach, fine wine and poetry.” He plans to woo the beauties of Butetown with an adrenaline fuelled date followed up by a couple of White Russians admiring the sunset. A genius concoction, so I am told, of milk, coffee liquor and vodka – Cromac you’re not the only person to have watched The Big Lebowski.

Your first date may see you thrown out of a plane

Never one to follow the crowd, Cormac takes his image as an indie hipster incredibly seriously, trekking half way across the country in search of “crazy shit” in Brighton and Camden Market. Come rain or shine, he is rarely seen without his prize buy, a sheepskin jacket.


Cooler than a JD sports bag in year 7, the edginess of this guy doesn’t end there. All about the vibe, Cormac enjoys an array of “indie, alternative, chilled stuff” from the likes of Bob Marley, Arctic Monkeys and Jack Johnson.

His favourite foody haunt is tapas chain La Tasca. He claims this is because of the variety of crazy dishes available to keep you guessing. So indie it hurts, right?

With a killer date combination of Netflix and chill already very much in the pipeline any girl would be silly to miss out on the chance to hang with this hipster hottie.

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