Experts predict onset of disease, storms and extinction in Wales

As if it could get any worse

Conditions in Wales are going to become even more horrific, according to new research by The Bevan Foundation.

The Bevan Foundation has announced its grim predictions for an increase in disease, traffic, rain and the extinction of Puffins in South Wales.

The report also predicts negative consequences for the economy, society, environment as well as within politics and public services.

Leave while you still can

Wales enjoyed 58 days of rain through June, July and August.

July managed to only have six dry days in total.

The good news is our summers in 2020 are forecast to be 2°C warmer.

The bad news is this will cause water shortages.

The even worse news is the Bevan Foundation predicts the weather in the winter will be catastrophic, with a wonderful seven per cent more rain and flash flooding than we currently have.

The change in climate could lead to the extinction of South Wales beloved Puffins.

No change there then

The report continues to explain how 50,000 more people in Wales will suffer from cancer, 36,000 more people will have diabetes and there will also be a rise in dementia cases.

These rises will be due to an aging population, increasing obesity levels and alcohol intake.

He looks unwell


Try to escape and you will be met with chaos on the Welsh roads as a result of delays to the HS2 rail project and electrification of Welsh rail as a whole.

Regardless of the Welsh Government heavily investing in traffic schemes, such as Superfast Cymru, it’s predicted there will still be a significant shortfall.

What’s more, the productivity gap between Wales and the rest of the UK is doomed to widen in 2020, leading to an increase in homelessness.

Public sector workers and those on benefits will also see a drop in living standards, possibly because of the forecast that there will be fewer low-paid and unskilled jobs.

Don’t hate the player

A spokesperson for the Welsh Government said: “We will consider the issues raised in this report, but with so many wide-ranging and speculative claims being made it would be wrong to cherry pick the worst predictions and form a negative picture of the future.

“Even in the toughest economic period Wales has faced for a generation, we have shown that with the right leadership Wales can buck the trend and deliver in key areas.

“Many recent indicators show that Wales continues to outperform much of the UK, and we will continue to work hard to ensure that this continues so that the people of Wales can look forward to a bright and prosperous future.”