Cardiff’s Yak game is unbeatable

Strong is the herd in this one


We like to think we’re a complex lot but our Yaks prove otherwise – the same certain topics always sit pretty atop the hot list. And despite your protestations to the contrary, you secretly enjoy each and every kind. Simple but effective, Cardiff’s Yaks can enjoy unchallenged supremacy on all fronts.


There’s a brand of rivalry between first year halls, leading to abusive Yaks back and forth (we’re talking to you North and South Talybont). But at least at this stage we know what level of shittyness we’ve signed up for. The true competition comes when the second and third years realise they left it up to their incompetent friends to pick a house. Yik Yak becomes a place of “who has it worst” and “my landlord is a dick.”

Wouldn’t have this problem in Taly Gate


Speaking of which, a simultaneous love and hate for the Cathays area is never too far from the Hot Yak leader board. Who doesn’t love seeing constant Yaks about ripped open bin bags and rats nibbling at a smashed jar of mayonnaise in the middle of Woodville Road?

Home grown talent


Once we head back from summer, Yik Yak becomes a place for ramblings about how much we’ve missed uni and our flatmates. But let’s be honest, it’s the abusive Yaks that get our upvotes, because it reminds us of our own passive aggressive loathing for our flatmates and ourselves.

And we know which one of you did it

Rugby Boys

We live in Wales, there’s no getting away from rugby boys. That’s why they’re often the target of ridicule.. Whether it’s taking the piss out of their shorts and flip flops or reminding them what an embarrassment they were at Flux, they’re never far from our Yak hivemind.

Just to put them in their place


We may give the rugby lads some stick, but it doesn’t compare to the tirade of Yak insults we direct towards the other “unis” in the area. USW, Cardiff Met and Swansea all try to fight back, but they don’t have the intellectual capacity to do so. Both in Yik Yak and the game of life.

Ok maybe a bit harsh..