£11m accommodation block will be built for 2016

It looks even better than Taly Gate

Work is under way for a brand new accommodation complex in the heart of the city worth £11m. 

The small three-storey building will have 281 rooms, with more than 115 studio apartments and modern kitchens.

Midas Construction are expecting the build to be complete by the end of summer next year.

The new accommodation is costing £11m

Kevin Cornish, Midas Construction’s site manager for the new accommodation, said: “We have been here since June and have already carried out enabling works and stripped the site ready for the development with the structural steelworks beginning to take shape.”

The new build will be situated on Oxford Street, near the city centre and a walking distance from Cathays and uni.

Cardiff isn’t the only city lucky enough to get new luxury apartments.

Exeter and Bath have also been granted million pound developments creating equally modern and purpose-built accommodation.