We asked Cathays kebabbies whether they miss us

Our favourite late night pit-stops can’t wait for our return

The countdown to Freshers’ Week has officially begun, Cathays is buzzing with anticipation and excitement for what chaos 2015 will bring.

It’s a common sight in Cathays to see drunken revellers stumbling to their beloved takeaway and order a carb-filled grease feast.

But anyoen who is partial to a night out in the ‘diff (and let’s face it, that’s basically everyone) will know that the only place to be at 3am is Salisbury Road, digging in to your regular order.

Freshers, get acquainted, your soon-to-be favourite takeaway shops are ready for you!

Chicken Cottage, AK, 29

Thumbs up for Chicken Cottage

“We have four nights in a week where we’re very busy. That will be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

“These are obviously the big students night, so we’re always ready for that.

“Right now, there are no students around and it gets quiet in here. But come freshers’ week, we’ll have students from first year, third year and post grad who will all come in.

“90 per cent of the people living here are students and even when they’re drunk and a bit of a nuisance, they’re all lovely. We love serving them and they become friends.”

Mama’s Kebab House, Sean (right), 43

Mama’s are dreaming of our return

“It’s a nice atmosphere working here. Right now, it’s quiet. Weekends are the busiest, but in September, everything feels a lot busier.

“This is a student area now, so that’s what we’re used to. When students drink, they’re fun.

“I’ve had some fights break out in here, but none that included students. They may drink a lot, but they have respect.”

Chicago Bulls, Al

Al thinks most of us are very nice

“I’ve worked in this business for fourteen years now. September comes and goes, but it’s definitely our busiest time.

“This area is just made up of students. Most of them are very nice, particularly on sports nights when it becomes very busy.

“Throughout the Summer holidays, we’re dead. But in term time, students make up the majority of our income.”

Family Fish Bar

Preparing for the 3am swarm

“It’s the same with most places here, but I’d definitely say that Wednesday evenings with sports social events going on, that’s our busy one.

“The students here are lovely. They’re a main part of our business really. Because of the huge influx of students coming to Cardiff University, Cathays has to accommodate for that, and it allows new people to constantly come in.

“There are very little locals left on Salisbury road now, so we value the students a lot. They create a great atmosphere.”

T&A Takeaway, Akram

Akram loves nothing more than selling you a babbie

“We’re in a very good location here. Students see us and are immediately attracted to come in. They benefit the business a lot.

“It’s much quieter in the holidays, so when the students arrive back, it’s a lot busier, but it’s good. They’re all nice, even when they’re very drunk!”