Millennium Stadium will change its name

It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue

The Millennium Stadium is to be renamed due to a new sponsorship deal with The Principality Building Society. 

From January 2016, The Millennium Stadium will be known as the Principality Stadium.

The Cardiff-based building society won the ten-year sponsorship deal, enabling them to change the name of the 74,500-seat venue.

The stadium will be known as Principality Stadium from January 2016

The response to Principality Stadium has been widely unpopular and people aren’t impressed about the renaming of the iconic stadium either.

Third year Jack Meadowcroft, studying Chemistry said: “It’s terrible. I’m fed up of advertising and corporate businesses in sport, they get too involved.

“Anfield has been called Anfield for as long as its been around, introducing sponsor names loses its history. It’s lost its character.”

We aren’t happy with the stadium’s new title

Beth Coombs, a third year studying Business Management agreed: “I think it’s well bad, everyone knows it as the Millennium and calling it the Principality Stadium just makes it sound like any other stadium.

“People will still call it the Millennium I reckon.”