Inside Cardiff’s most luxurious halls

One of them has a cinema

Cardiff’s halls of residence are becoming a motherland for the high and mighty. Gone are the days when we had to squeeze into tiny Taly rooms for our first year as freshers.

Every year, thousands of us proudly pile into the glorious halls of Talybont. From Taly Bronx to Taly Court, every single bed and filthy kitchen is loved.

But now, even Taly Gate looks like a dingey dump. Accommodation has been upgraded, offering flat screen TVs, onsite gyms and even a cinema for the real-true playas in their first year.

Alwyn Court: Basic beauty


The Salisbury Road halls are hidden right in the middle of Cathays, a five minute walk to lectures. The rooms are basic and light, but just by looking at them it’s obvious that the accommodation is an upgrade to the usual grimy and mundane room average Joe freshers have to deal with.

All this to yourself

For £5,814-£7,650 a year, Alwyn Court offers:

  • Double beds: DOUBLE BEDS. No longer sleep on a bed thinner than you are, but rather stretch out and starfish to your heart’s content. Or share it. The option’s there.
  • En-suite: No lines or waiting. No dirty bathrooms, unless you make the dirt yourself. A heavenly latrine.
  • High speed broadband and wi-fi: For the lonely nights
  • Inclusive bills: All your money can go towards the important stuff, like alcohol… and sometimes food.
  • CCTV, security and on-site management: Been robbed? No problem, you can watch the burglary over and over again – courtesy of a state of the art CCTV system.
  • On-site laundry: So you don’t have to heave your dirty drawers all the way to Drift-In. Oh wait, it’s next door anyway.

But would it still be this clean at the end of the year?

Cardiff Student Castle: Community First

The common room is a perfect place to make new friends

Directly opposite the prison, Student Castle is not exactly in the middle of uni, but you can enjoy the added thrill of watching a jail break live, from high up in your castle’s keep. There is a common room and lots of facilities for its residences to get to know each other, and even though it’s a longer walk to lectures, it’s smack in the heart of the city centre.

Everything will not be white at the end of the year

For £5,862-£9,690 a year, Cardiff Student Castle offers:

  • Huge beds: For those of who enjoy late night company. A lot of company.
  • En-suites: Take all the time you need, because you’re the only one you using it.
  • Communal kitchens: Massive kitchens, perfect for vibesy pres.
  • Facilities: Sky TV, a gym, lots of plug sockets, laundry, security and 24 hour concierge. A fucking concierge.

It’s so pretty, it almost doesn’t seem real.

Summit House: There’s a cinema…

Here it is in all it’s glory

The accommodation on Windsor Place is in keeping with the royal moniker of its street address. Arguably the snazziest halls Cardiff has to offer, this converted office block is great for those who want to live right in the centre of the city – and have a private cinema all to themselves.

With a room like this, there wasn’t even any need for the extra stuff. But hey, we won’t complain

For £7,634-£10,583 a year, Summit House offers:

  • On-site cinema: This needs to be repeated. Again. There’s a cinema. Gone were the days of hard wooden chairs and chatting in the kitchen. Now you can recline in a home cinema, complete with projector and Blu Ray player.
  • On-site gym: Work your hardest and build up a sweat in the gym, and then you can collapse back on your bed within the space of a few feet.
  • Reading rooms: Perfect for when you want to study with your friends or have a change of scenery.
  • Studio apartments: With large beds and a bathroom included, it’s a wonder people ever want to leave their rooms.

Sweat to your heart’s desire and then jump straight into your en-suite shower

Student living has changed. These flats are fit for permanent living, never mind that they’re there simply for freshers. The wonder of Taly is wearing thin – the cell doesn’t compare to the cinema.