Coca-Cola dragons are taking over our supermarkets

Yn dod ar Cymru

It is hard to ignore the rugby and football furore currently gripping Wales.

The Rugby World Cup is fast approaching and there has been a rising atmosphere of tension as the country looks to reign supreme in their beloved sport.

And for once, the football and rugby fans are actually united in their support.

Since when did Wales become this good?

Social media has encaptured an impressive series of Welsh flags appearing in supermarket windows, craftily constructed from Coca-Cola cans.

This one recently appeared in the Capitol Centre

Nick Alcock, an employee for the World Cup sponsors, Coca-Cola, is one of the artists behind them.

He said: “It is our way of engaging customers and supporters alike for the world’s third biggest sporting event.”

This huge dragon took up residence in Newport’s Tesco’s in Spytty

Matt Bagott, an Accounting and Finance second year, said: “It’s good to see, this sort of thing would never really happen in England.”

There are plans for even more, with dragons set to appear on Tredegar Street and Wood Street in the city centre, along with one appearing in the Tesco’s by Taly.

Why isn’t there going to be one in our beloved Cathays?

James Lewis, a second year studying Sport and Physical Education, said: “I’m pleased they’ve been put up, it’s helping more people, especially students get into the World Cup mood.”

It just remains to be seen if they will inspire the teams.